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Welcome to my website And the county of Somerset

If you are looking for wildlife, identification of insects, butterflies and moths? Or maybe days out in Somerset, Avon and Bristol to enjoy nature? Then please keep reading as you should find my website of interest.
Although featuring wildlife and landscapes from all over Somerset you will find a large proportion of my work concentrated in the Northern area of Somerset known as North Somerset. The whole of the county boasts a huge range of habitats and some fantastic opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts. My ‘Where to Watch Wildlife’ page will help you plan your visit to this beautiful county and the numerous nature reserves within it. I have tried to cover as much of Avon and Somerset as I can from Northern Villages such as Backwell and Yatton to small towns like Clevedon. We uncover wildlife in the Mendip Hills and down to the Southern end of the county taking in Weston-super-Mare and the Bridgewater area.
My blog section will give advice and information about gardening for wildlife and I am available to give talks and presentations on any of these subjects to your club or organisation. I also deliver bespoke inputs to local schools, as passing on the beauty of nature to future generations is close to my heart.

Somerset - Beautiful countryside, Stunning wildlife and full of surprise!...


Much of Somerset is low lying Marsh Grazing Land, that plays host to lots of wildlife and many rare plants, many that are only found in this part of the country. The boggy conditions provided by the Somerset moors and levels attract large numbers of Mute Swan and other birds that enjoy the lush grass and soft mud. Little Egret and Great White Egret breed here.


With the second highest tidal range in the world, the powerful Bristol Channel provides Somerset with some wonderful and at times rugged coastline. The muddy salt marsh exposed at low tide attract large flocks of migratory birds who forage for the abundance of food that the mudflats support. The Bristol Channel is also known as an international site of importance for overwintering Dunlin,


Somerset also boasts wooded combes and uplands, such as, The Mendips, Exmoor, Quantocks and Polden Hills. These provide a different habitat to the wet lowlands and support a huge variety of wildlife and plant species.​ The limestone hill slopes support a huge variety of wildflowers which in turn provide vital habitat for many rare moths and butterflies including: Large Blue and Chalkhill Blue.

Somerset Wildlife Photography